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Happening Now
From Sub-Atomic Particles to Outer Space.

The stars await you into the realm of

the gods and extraterrestrial life.

'the beginning is the end is the beginning'

We are aligning ourselves with the world's scientific data and research in the fields of space exploration and extraterrestrial life among other important subjects. This information is used in the planetary system implementation at Office Towers. The ultimate object of the game part of this world, is to discover and learn the truth about sensitive matters and evolve collective thinking. Each time you successfully access a higher game level, you selectively become in contact with others that have attained a similar level of achievements, by joining shared social spaces, the purpose of which to increase the signal to noise ratio. Here it is not mass quantity that matters, instead, we want to cut through the information overload and misinformation that is generally taking place. The cherry on top is the ultimate knowledge sphere of social interaction, thus, our logo, which we call the Neosphere. Find it and you'll know you are getting close. Your last challenge will be to get inside and unlock a secret social dimension feature you can be sure to appreciate. And it doesn't have to end there. This will actually be the beginning of new understandings, discoveries and passion for the true meaning of life. This journey will take us beyond galactic stars, into the omnipotent realm of the gods themselves, moving our souls into a new kind of human race, until the cycle has come full circle.

What if Atlantis existed today and in the future?

Do something useful in a social & serious game world.

Background And Technical Information

Office Towerstm is built on a solid foundation.
Office Towers'tm development history goes back to 1997.


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Web City Office Towers 3D World
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FEB 08, 2022 * * * HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY!!! * * * The Web City Office Towers 3D World was born in 1997 and celebrates 25 years of continuous existence in 2022. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the people who have contributed to it in so many different ways, big and small. Without you, this virtual world with all of its features would not have been possible. We own it together and should be proud of our achievement. Countless other virtual reality worlds have come and go, but still here we are standing, even in the face of enormous adversity and technology evolution. May we continue this journey for many more years into the future...

MAR 27, 2021 Work is underway to provide a new method for experiencing Web City Office Towers 3D World. While there have been delays, we would like to reiterate our commitment to support X3D open standards in this endeavor.

APR 01, 2020 Introducing CybrQBit, the new Atlantean virtual currency.

MAR 27, 2020 It is possible to use newer versions of the Google Chrome browser if you have the IE Tab extension installed (however, sound does not work using this method).

MAR 10, 2020 The 32-bit Windows version of the open source Pale Moon web browser is now supported. Pale Moon is an efficient and customizable Goanna-based fork of the Firefox browser. You now have 2 choices of web browser to access the 3D world.

FEB 27, 2020 Efforts are being made to modernize the operation of the virtual world. Meanwhile, it can still be operated for free using Contact 8.0 in stand-alone mode or in combination with Internet Explorer on Windows for added functionality.

SEP 10, 2019 The Office Towers world is branching out corporate strategy game play to deep state world CorpWarz. While both worlds will co-exist, CorpWarz will be a darker, more ruthless version. Visit CorpWarz.com and see links to social media for further details as they come in.

APR 08, 2019 The X3Daemon preload setup page has been updated. It is possible to load the Office Towers 3D World using MS Internet Explorer on Windows, or directly with Contact 8.0 in browserless mode.

JAN 13, 2019 This VR world was born in 1997, built on a solid technical foundation. Others come and go, but the Office Towers are proudly standing strong. Bumps in the road are nothing we can't overcome. Let them burn money, while we wait for the dust to settle. There is a big future for us..

OCT 21, 2018 Please be aware that major Web browsers no longer support NPAPI plugins. It remains possible to use the virtual world with Contact v.8.0 in stand-alone mode (instructions provided on the loading page), but chat will be limited to Public only, and sound/music may not play at this time.

APR 04, 2016 Since Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI plugins, we are looking into realigning Office Towers' position. Meanwhile, you can still use Contact with other web browsers or as a standalone viewer (Browserless operation - More details are on the loading page).

JUN 13, 2015 Our server upgrade is now complete. Enjoy!

MAR 19, 2015 For added security, performance and reliability, we are currently upgrading and migrating all of our web properties and systems to private servers. Our goal is to gradually make this transition as seamlessly as possible during the next several weeks. While no service interruptions or malfunctions are anticipated during this process, should they occur, please rest assured that it is only going to be temporary.

FEB 20, 2014 One female and two male avatars have been added. Why almost a year since last update? That's because we have been working hard on the AlienXsyndicate virtual band. Find info and updates at AlienXsyndicate.com

MAR 8, 2013 New users can now easily register to Office Towers 3D World via Facebook. (This feature is currently disabled)

JAN 17, 2013 A new Virtual Conference Hall has been added to the World Teleport.

DEC 21, 2012 Get Paid to Play: Redeem your game scores for world credits.

NOV 22, 2012 Are you an investor? If you ever think of investing in 3D technology you need to know this.

NOV 15, 2012 A new Subway Station and game levels, like the Underground, are now available.

OCT 17, 2012 Scores can now be redeemed for world credits. The more active you are the better your score.

OCT 11, 2012 Brand new subscription levels are now available. Start your 3D virtual reality business today.

OCT 5, 2012 An alien invasion is underway. Check out the new aliens in the avatar selector.

AUG 13, 2012 Added blinking cursor to text entry fields. Fixed bug where secret weapons were wrongly displayed in teleport worlds. Fixed Virtual Motors' boardroom furniture Level Of Details (LOD). Fixed YouTube videos which were no longer visible due to URL query string changes at that company.

JAN 18, 2012 Avatars watch NASA YouTube at Virtual Command Center - 2012
New video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLRvdDNmqGM

JAN 12, 2012 We've just added a cool new YouTube/Flash Command Center to the Teleport. You can now see and control up to 12 video presentations at the same time.

DEC 14, 2011 The inworld avatar selection and login scenario has been reworked to facilitate easier access to third party worlds.

NOV 21, 2011 New inline frame allows world owners to add X3Daemon registration form to their own site. Click My World for details.

OCT 19, 2011 New Progress Bar when world is loading and improved Login Dialog for better user experience.

OCT 6, 2011 We have just released a new YouTube video. See it on this page and vote for it if you can.

AUG 26, 2011 Added in-world YouTube videos. This can work with Contact stand-alone, and with Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

AUG 4, 2011 Added monitoring system to detect and deal with busy server and network latency.

JUL 28, 2011 Began adding bots to guide and assist users with various endeavors.

APR 21, 2011 Added frame rate and CPU performance checks and warnings to prevent underpowered machines from accessing upper levels instead of crashing.

APR 20, 2011 Apple Safari version 5.0 or above is now supported.

FEB 10, 2011 Added Screen Radar HUD to show local and remote avatars' position.

FEB 3, 2011 It's official, both versions of Avatar Studio (1 & 2) generated avatars and gestures are now fully supported. Create your own custom avatar or use one of thousands of existing AS2 avatars. You may even use a facial photograph of yourself for your personalized avatar. Several new avatars were added to the avatar selector.

JAN 20, 2011 Added city life sounds and street traffic.

DEC 30, 2010 Added instructional HUD to assist avatar selection. Added name tag and re-sized chat bubbles.

DEC 23, 2010 Added text driven gestures. Improved HUD.

DEC 16, 2010 Removed 13 years old Plaza building. The vacant space will be allocated for parking. Letting go of old memories to make room for new ones.

DEC 9, 2010 Public group bubble chat upgrade for improved readability. Better sound files management to help preserve bandwidth. Home page update.

NOV 25, 2010 Well! This section is new for a start. You can expect to see here frequent updates about the world's happenings, additions and features.

To begin, we thought it would be nice to briefly describe the general features so far to give us a reference point. So here it is:

By now, obviously, everyone who has visited the world knows, this is a multiuser 3D world with chat, avatars, buildings, cars and various other moveable objects. Multiuser (MU) means that when an avatar moves in the world, all of the other users will see that avatar moving on their own computer screen too. In a similar fashion, we describe as shared-objects (SO) anything in the world that moves or operates the same on all computer screens when one user or avatar moves or operates it. Features that have not yet been made multiuser, while still functional on a single user basis, will be described as single-user (SU).

There are avatars available to choose from the avatar selector, all of which support gestures (such as 'waive hello', 'bye', 'laugh', 'sit', 'dance', etc.) to some degree.

To date there are about two dozen office buildings, each with several floors and offices. There are also dedicated buildings such as the shopping mall, a plaza, a command center, a teleport building, a car dealership with offices, a club, a theater, a farm house, and various other utility buildings, all of which can be entered by avatars. Some of the buildings also have SU elevators. There are numerous other constructions in the periphery of the world such as pyramids, a mansion, a college and university, etc. that cannot be entered. (press the 'Map' button at the bottom of the screen once in the world to see a map of the world.)

Most of the vehicles in the world can be driven by avatars in SU mode. Some vehicles are SO but can only be driven by their respective owners. An alarm will sound if you attempt to enter them. There is no collision detection so be careful how you drive. Click 'Show Instructions' at the top right of the screen once you are in the world for details on how to use vehicles and other world features.

The world also has SU moveable furniture that can be operated (ex.: open/close drawer, swivel chair, move furniture, etc).

There is a MU teleport that can be used to switch worlds. There are currently 8 worlds to choose from. Some of the worlds are outside of Office Towers while others are part of it. Click 'My World' above to submit yours. You can see and chat with avatars that are in the same world as you. Bubble chat is available in Public chat. Private chat groups are available in the chat frame on the right side of the screen when the world is viewed with a Web browser (see below for details). Simply enter the name of a group you would like to use (press the 'Options' button at the bottom of the screen once in the world).

All of the worlds are affected by sunlight and/or moonshine depending the time you stay online. There are stars, the moon and a space station. Some other places and features are not described here because they are intended only to be discovered by those who achieve the required levels. Having said that, there are currently 5 levels in the main OT world. In addition, the world uses longitude and latitude coordinates and is situated near the Azores Islands, which explains the time zone displayed in the chat frame.

We have begun placing music and sound files. You may enable/disable sound as desired (see the 'Sound' option at the bottom of the screen once in the world). Expect a small delay when changing selection. Sound may be disabled if your available bandwidth is too low.

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