Universal Media "Seaside" Demo

Seaside is a VRML world created using Universal Media textures (instructions for viewing Seaside are below). Once the world loads, walk around the room and then click on the door to exit. Examine the outside walls and roof. Explore the surrounding seaside. Can you find the boat? If so, jump in and examine the wonderful wooden finish while it rocks back and forth.

Seaside was created by Gerardo Quintieri.

Seaside uses nearly 400K of Universal Media textures, while the gZip compressed VRML world itself is only 25K. As a result, Universal Media allows this world to load nearly TWENTY TIMES FASTER than it normally would if Universal Media is installed!

With Universal Media, the entire Seaside world (including textures) actually loads faster than the JPEG screenshot at the top of this page. The above JPEG image is 36K, all of which must be downloaded from the network. Only 25K of the Seaside world travels over the wire, while 400K of textures are fetched from the hard drive.

Open the Seaside demo at 640x480.  You can resize the Seaside window as needed...

Contact 3D viewer must be installed.